Package ArtClip 3D   
•    What is ArtClip3D?

        ArtClip3D is a new concept of 3D modeling Software based on existing libraries of 3D models which can be assembled all together

•    “Who can use ArtClip3D?”

        Any one looking for to easily and quickly create 3D projects to run on their own CNC.

•    “Can I run ArtClip3D on a MAC OS computer?”

        Not at this time. ArtClip3D runs on Windows based computers only and is compatible with XP, Vista and 7 versions.

•    “What computer do I need in order to run smoothly ArtClip3D?”

        o    A computer with a recent configuration able to handle display of 3D objects.
              Some computers older than 3 years might still be able to run ArtClip3D.
              A requirement sheet is available here to facilitate a new assembly, or to simply check if your computer is able to run with ArtClip3D.

        o    An Internet access, to download 3D VectorClip models.

•    “I am new with Computer Aided Design (CAD). Is it difficult to use?”

        Not at all! ArtClip3D is easier to use than most CAD/CAM solutions out there, thanks to its unique "assembly concept".
        Click here for video demos showing the creation of 3D models and series of tutorials helping you design right away.
•    “Where can I purchase ArtClip3D?”

        ArtClip3D Software can be purchased directly through our office by calling 213.624.6321 or via email and
        through our reseller network.

•    “What does the ArtClip3D package include?”

        o    1 installation DVD,
        o    1 USB Dongle (allowing multi installations, no additional registration needed),
        o    100 ArtClip3D pre-loaded models,
        o    1 online access code to VectorClip3D website with unlimited download for 1 full year.

•    "How do I know if ArtClip3D can drive my machine?"

        ArtClip3D comes with 400+ CNC machine posts and if yours is not listed yet, then ArtClip3D Support Helpdesk will develop one for you.           Please contact us today if you would like to confirm ArtClip3D Software run with your CNC machine.
        95% of the 3 axis machines on the market can be driven by ArtClip3D, why not yours?

  •    "How can I make ROI with ArtClip3D?"

        ArtClip3D is the most affordable way to start with 3D applications. You can be an Engraver, a Jeweler, a Sign Maker, a Hobbist you will not
        start from scratch as 3D models are already made available to you and videos show you the way to manufacture them. You may be up
        and running in as little as an hour.