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ARTCLIP-3D Frequently Asked Questions

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• What is ARTCLIP-3D Software ?

• Who can use ARTCLIP-3D ?

• Can I run ARTCLIP-3D on Windows 10 computer ?

• Can I run ARTCLIP-3D on APPLE computers ?

• What computer do I need in order to run smoothly ARTCLIP-3D ?

• I am new with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and CNC machines. Is it something difficult to use ?

• Where can I purchase ARTCLIP-3D ?

• What does the ARTCLIP-3D package includes ?

• How do I know if ARTCLIP-3D can drive my machine prior purchasing?

• How can I make Return On Investment with ARTCLIP-3D?

• Can ARTCLIP-3D run a CarveWright machine?

• Can ARTCLIP-3D run a X-Carve, Shapeoko Series machines?

• How many time can I install ARTCLIP-3D on my computers?

• Do you have any education pricing with ARTCLIP-3D?

ARTCLIP-3D Online Trial Version ("OTV")

• What are the limitations of the online version?

• What are the minimum requirements for my computer to run ARTCLIP-3D "OTV"?

• Can I run the Online version in another language than English?

• Can I run the Online version using INCHES or Millimeters?

• Can I open the files created in the Trial Version of the Software in the commercial version of ARTCLIP-3D?


• Can I open Corel Draw files?

• How can I change the size of a job / material size?

• Is it possible to set calculations in the unit fields of the Software?

• Is it possible to combine vectors together to create groups?

• When moving vector using the Selection mode with the F2 key, what is the difference between Absolute and Relative?

• What are the vector formats I can import in ARTCLIP-3D?

• What is an open or closed vector?

• What are nodes and how do I use them?

• What fonts come with the program?

• What are the Keyboard Short-cut Keys?

• What are possible problems and solutions for importing DXF files?

• How do you determine which side of an open vector is the right or left?

• How can I import an image if my PDF does not contain vector information?

• How can I work with a drawing that has both metric and imperial measurements?

• How can I close an open vector?

• How can I change the Starting Point of a vector?

• How can I change text spacing (kerning)?

• How can I add more fonts?

• Do I need to use layers?

• Can ARTCLIP-3D software run plasma/water jet machine tools?

• Can I work with an image file (bmp, tiff, jpeg etc.)?

• Can I use a Snap Grid or Guide Lines to help me work with vectors?

• Are there any shortcuts for controlling the views in the Design window?


• What CNC stands for?

• What is a toolpath?

• What is the use of a postprocessor?

• What is a G-Code program?

• What is an overflow on axis?