ARTCLIP-3D, Artistic Software for any CNC mill on the market

Born from the partnership of a world-renowned Software Company and the largest 3D models library.

     ARTCLIP-3D brings:

    • Extensive libraries of over 1,500’s (and growing…) 3D models to download from Vectorclip3D,

    • Easy-to-carve 3D models: combine, resize... several models together designing your owns projects,

    • Professional tool-path & 3D Simulations included to insure perfect cuts on any CNC machines,

    • An Affordable CNC Software Solution for your 2D Cutting, Engraving & 3D modelling needs.

ARTCLIP-3D, the perfect software, coming with 3D Bas-Relief designs built for CNC machining.

(1) 770-689-3122

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  •     :: Over 60 Seamless textures already pre-loaded (bark, stone, leather, sand…)

        :: Easy addition of new textures: Import STL files, 3DM, ISO 3D Digitized files and more…

        :: Texture creations from pictures with “gray scale” conversion feature

        :: Direct Text creation on curves and projections on 3D models of your logos,

        :: Import of industry standards 2D & 3D file formats (IGS, STP...)

        :: 2D Direct Geometrical Shapes Design, Offset, Positioning, Duplication, Alignments...

        :: Customized cutter library including Endmill, Ballnose, Conical and V-Bit tools.

        :: For full list of features visit the Features page.